NIE number


NIE Number


Obtaining your NIE Number

 If you are a foreign investor eager to open a company in Spain, you should get a NIE number or Foreign Identification Number (Número de Identidad de Extranjero in Spanish). This unique, personal and sequential number is going to be always required when opening a bank account, buying a property or setting up a company, among others.

The NIE is granted to those who are not Spanish citizens, whether you are an EU national or not. This number must appear in each document that you issue and/or sign in Spanish territory. Therefore this is one of the first documents that you must get.

Our Law Firm can help you obtaining your NIE in a very short period of time. One immigration attorney can apply on your behalf by means of a Power of Attorney for the Spanish Law foresees that you can be represented on different process by another person if this document is submitted along with the application.

You must always keep in mind that even though the NIE allows you to carry out different proceedings in our country, it is not the same as a residence permit. The NIE doesn’t allow you to stay, reside or extend your visa to remain in the country in any case, that is to say that whenever your visa has expired, although you count with a NIE, you are not entitled to stay in the country, you should reissue your residence visa or leave the country.

When is it appropriate to issue your NIE?

You should issue your NIE if you are willing to carry out different professional or official procedures in Spain. With our online service you can issue your NIE from your home country. If you choose to issue your NIE while you are in Spain on vacations or on a business trip, you must know that according to the Law, you must issue this document while staying legally in the country. That is to say that if by any chance you decide to issue your NIE once your short term visa has expired, your application will not be considered by Spanish authorities and they are entitled to even refuse your application although you have submitted all the right documentation in connection therewith.

In order to issue your NIE, in general you are required to submit the online NIE application form (EX-15); a notarized document stating the reasons why you are issuing your NIE number; a full copy of your valid passport or travel document; a Power of Attorney stating that you have authorized a third party to obtaining such document for you; and another required documentation like a family book or birth certificate, if you need to issue your NIE and those of your relatives (wife, son, daughter…).

Don’t forget that all your documentation must be legalized and notarized, and also translated into Spanish by a duly certified interpreter.

You must know that the number given to you will be always yours. Therefore, if you happen to misplace it and you don’t count with an extra copy of it or you don’t even remember the exact number, you should request your NIE number again at the Local Police Office. Sometimes official entities do not accept the copy of your NIE for the original copy may not be in good conditions, thus they will request you to issue a new copy.

We can help you reissuing your NIE for the process will be the same as when you issued it for the first time. Though your NIE number remains the same, all the documentation must be handed in as if it where for the first time and the queue is also done.

Contact us today and learn how we can help you obtaining your NIE number quick and from your home, avoiding any delay or queue.